Welcome to Newman Prop Hire.

Based in West London, Newman Prop Hire, is one of the largest prop hire facilities in the world. We have many tens of thousands of props displayed and stored over 25,000 sq.ft.

Want to create a world anytime between 3000BC and the 25th Century, we can prop it; whatever mood you are trying to create- reality or fantasy, period or contemporary; one of the best prop rental collections in the world is at your disposal. Our collection of props is constantly updating and evolving, so we can do contemporary, as well as: Ancient Egyptian/Chinese/Persian/Greek and Roman, Medieval,Tudor, Stuart, Queen Anne, Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Deco and Futurist, Utility and the 60.s, plus Contemporary.

The key to any room or set is the lighting. If in general we can help you with any when and anywhere, to create the mood you're looking for- in prop lights through the ages we've got it. We are quite simply the largest resource in the world for decorative lighting hire and lighting rental.

From oil burners to light the ancient world, through wrought iron Candelabras and Candles from early Medieval to Georgian, Oil lamps and Gas; even Michael Gambon's dead body in Gosford Park was lit by our table lamps, not to mention every other set on that movie, and even some of the amazing lighting shining on Harry Potter's adventures, we can supply it all. Need a mid-Victorian Gas lit street we've got the gear, and we can make it run on gas or electric power.

Do you need lots of the same light- we have long runs; every chandelier the little boy in The Shining tricycled under for example; well they, plus a lot of other chandeliers are in our building. Need them candle-oil-gas or electric "tested for safety", and labelled as such to conform with Health and Safety Reg.s, that's how they come.

We have comprehensive, in house, workshops manned by staff with over 40 years experience. So we can repair-alter-paint-restructure-make-rewire-design, perhaps either from a verbal description, or a brief sketch, or detailed plan, any bespoke lighting that you require